Theodore Roosevelt

Vice President and former General. Led Rough Riders to victory in Mexico and Cuba.
Ex-Assistant Secretary of the Naval AeroSpace Agency and former NYC Police chief.

George Armstrong Custer

Boy General who massacred the Sioux at the Little Big Horn and later became President. He built the Transatlantic Tunnel, and is now America’s leading prosthetics manufacturer.

Peter Finley Dunne

Former Chicago newspaper columnist, creator of Mr. Dooley. Now the Brooklyn-based host of the most popular evening talk show on Munsey Media’s TeslaVision network.

Mrs. Alice Roosevelt

Massachusetts-born wife of the Vice President, and mother of First Daughter Alice. As eager to protect her daughter as she is her husband.

Takahira Mieko

Friend and classmate of young Alice Roosevelt. Daughter of the Japanese Ambassador to the United States.

Willis Carrier

Engineer and inventor of air conditioning whose work revolutionized life across the world. A top aide to Langley for weapons development.

Edith Carow

Executive Director, League of Future Women Voters. Chief strategist for women’s suffrage movement, and childhood friend of Vice President Roosevelt.

Baron Moncheur

Belgium’s ambassador to America, and a top advisor to King Leopold II.

Senator Joe Bailey

Texas Democratic Senator. Former Minority Leader in House of Representatives. TR’s closest friend among Democrats in Washington.

Daddy Williams

Former slave on the Bulloch estate in Roswell, Georgia. Now the owner of Bulloch Hall and the most influential and successful man in town.

Hyman Rafalowitz

Served with the Rough Riders in Mexico and Cuba. Now a Lieutenant with New York City’s Metropolitan Police Department.

Nicholas Fish

Investment banker and former U.S. diplomat in Belgium. Father of Hamilton Fish, who died in Mexico with the Rough Riders.

Leon Czolgosz

Steelworker and anarchist ideologue loyal to the cause of the workers. Devoted to Emma Goldman.

Sidney Reilly

Russian-born secret agent for the British government. His work in South America, the Caucasus and Mexico propelled him to the top echelons of espionage.


Miss Alice Roosevelt

Only child of the Roosevelts, she recently was accepted as one of the first female students at Harvard, after declining admission to its female annex, Radcliffe.

Nicola Tesla

Scientist, futurist, inventor of wireless communications. Partner of Thomas Edison, and co-owner of world’s most successful consumer firm, Edison-Tesla.


Captain Minnie Kelly

Rough Rider captain and airship pilot in the 2nd Mexican-American War. Served as Secretary of the NYC Police Board under former Commissioner Roosevelt.

Emma Goldman

Russian immigrant, writer, political activist, free-thinker, and world’s leading anarchist at the dawn of the twentieth century.

Laura Keene

Noted stage actress, now major film studio executive. Second wife of former President Abraham Lincoln and a prominent supporter of suffrage.

Samuel Langley

Astronomer, physicist and pioneer of aviation who tried unsuccessfully to build a viable heavier-than-air craft. He is Secretary (CEO) of the Smithsonian Institution.

James Windwalker Cook

Half-Mohawk member of the Rough Riders who fought with Roosevelt in Mexico and Cuba.Currently on leave from the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

Hester Jane Ervin

Texas native, now a nurse at Washington’s Sibley Hospital. Girlfriend of Joe Bailey, and an excellent markswoman.

Hetty Green

Wealthiest woman in America. Dubbed the ‘Witch of Wall Street’ and known for her miserly ways. Her son lost a leg because of her refusal to pay for medical care.

Cardinal James Gibbons

The second American citizen to be named a cardinal, well known for his support of the labor movement. Seen by many as the face of U.S. Catholicism.

Samuel Clemens

America’s most beloved author and humorist, he recently ended a year as host of a nightly TeslaVision talk show due to poor ratings.

William McKinley

Civil War hero, Congressman, and Governor of Ohio, he has just been re-elected President, and only took T.R. as his running mate out of political necessity.