It is March of 1901, and Vice President Theodore Roosevelt uncovers a vast international conspiracy that has already claimed the lives of Queen Victoria and other world leaders.
Aided by British spy Sidney Reilly, Roosevelt races to prevent more robot attacks across the globe. But they are fighting a threat that has already reached 1600 Pennnsylvania Avenue . . .

1901 - Theodore Roosevelt, Robot Fighter

Advance Praise for 1901

March 5, 2014

“The ‘Dune’ of steampunk novels.”
              — John Gray, creator of TV’s Ghost Whisperer


“A steampunk fever dream that will entertain readers … will enrapture history fans and sci-fi buffs … the sprawling cast of characters contains a number of compelling, powerful women who not only participate in society, but control it”
              — Kirkus Reviews

You can read the full Kirkus Review here:

The Legal Geeks discuss the alternate history of America in 1901

August 8, 2014


Attorney Josh Gilliland of The Legal Geeks discussed the alternate history of Gerry O’Brien’s steampunk novel 1901 in a recent podcast.

Among the topics was the novel’s Jonbar Point*, where Lincoln’s first choice for vice president in 1864 (General Benjamin Butler of Massachusetts) says yes, and joins him on the ticket. That decision leads to a very different — and a far more technologically advanced — America, and the events of the novel.

* A Jonbar Point is a science fiction term for a point in history where the future diverges into two or more very different timelines.

Daily News on the alternate versions of New York and Brooklyn of 1901

March 7, 2014

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New York’s Daily News did a terrific story about author Gerry O’Brien and the alternate versions of Manhattan and Brooklyn in his new novel, 1901. You can read it by clicking here.


Ben Bova exclusive literary agent for 1901

November 15, 2013

Six-time Hugo Award winner Ben Bova is now the exclusive literary agent for Gerry O’Brien’s debut novel, 1901.

“I’m delighted to have Ben Bova representing me,” said O’Brien, “His experience and insight is invaluable.”

A highly respected agent, Ben is also the author of more than 120 works of science fact and fiction.

Bova is former editor of Analog Magazine, former editorial director of Omni magazine, past president of both the National Space Society and the Science Fiction Writers of America.